I’m happiest chasing buzzing bees, chorusing frogs, brilliant hummingbirds, rowdy monkeys and the occasional trout. Since boyhood the natural world has captivated me with its vibrant colors and intricate relationships. I want to share with you what I see. My aim is to show the hidden; the countless fantastic stories happening right in front of us and the creatures behind them. To reveal them as individuals, recording the details of their lives. As a curious biologist I’m fascinated by anything that moves from ants to elephants. I capture nature using the latest gadgets and a high tolerance for mud and mosquitoes.

I am a filmmaker, photojournalist and educator, crafting award-winning stories with a long track record of producing orginal content on time and on budget. When not shooting you’ll find me teaching and speaking publicly; training sessions for broadcasters, university lecturing, group presentations, individual and small group workshops as well as leading photo/nature tours.

I seek to make a difference, however small, in conserving the natural world. I still have my childhood passion for exploring. And I still love frogs. And trees, bees and bats.

Good luck with your own projects and thanks for the visit.
from the lovely green valleys of Wales

What you see is only a small sample of my media work. My images are available for editorial and advertisement licensing as well as limited edition prints. I’m pleased to assist conservation causes without charge. Please contact me with specific subjects requests or to book a shoot, speak to your group and check my upcoming events and travels. Or if you just want to chat frogs or photography. You’ll find testimonials about me here, my LinkedIn profile here and press reviews of my work here. To view film clips go to the Motion page, hover your mouse over the clip you want to view, click on the left hand hot key button and a large clip viewer with production notes will appear.

Clients include BBC, ABC, NBC, PBS, NHK, ZDF, CBC, ORF, National Geographic, Discovery, Apple, CineMuse, Banana Republic, Yale University, Boston University, Montreal Science Museum, Smithsonian Institute, Nature, Science, Scientific American, Bunte, Stern, Der Spiegle, Geo and others.

All images, film clips and text are protected by copyright, please do not download, copy or print the low resolution 72dpi examples shown.

  •     Experienced @ High Speed/Slow Motion, Macro/Micro, Motion Control & Time Lapse
  •     Optex Steadicam school graduate (Industry Standard)
  •     ARATA level 1 certified for rope /climbing work (BBC safety standard)
  •     Perfect Safety record 25+ years of remote location work
  •     Clean driving licence
  •     A little French, Spanish, Graffuna, Mayan, Gabbonase & bits of Papuan dilects
  •     Years in the business with a positive, can do attitude!


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