Web Weaving

Trying to find a hummingbirds nest in a jungle isn’t easy. Trying to find an active nest is even harder and the chance of finding one under construction to film the process is nearly impossible. One day I was walking along a muddy track with Pelican cases in each hand and a hummingbird came screaming over my shoulder stopping 20 feet down the trail and zooming up into a palm. My eyes locked on where it disappeared. As I put down the cases and investigated, she came charging out from under the palm leaves and zoomed past. I waited, in a few moments she returned with a hank of spider web streaming out of her bill. We struck gold! She was just beginning to weave her nest. It was magic. Out came the Arri and long lenses.

Her work with the gossamer silk was fascinating, her delicacy and precision unsurpassed. I watched spell-bound through the viewfinder. At times she was like a ballerina, pirouetting as she spun the silk around and around. It was a treat to witness and something quite rare to capture on film. We all knew the sequence was special and it required just the right music. When we laid down the Gypsy Kings ‘Inspiration’ track we knew we had a winner.

Noddles and Jimmy manning the gear trying not to crack up.

Producer Writer Director Cameraman: Phil Savoie
AC: Ted Giffords, Nick Turner
Field Assistants: Jimmy Trejos Camacho, Canudo “Noodles” Mudoz Briones
Editor: Martin Elsbury
Music: The Gypsy Kings ‘Inspiration’
Narrator: Robert Lindsay
Super 16: Kodak 7246 7279
Location: Costa Rica


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