A Moose named Madeline

A short clip from ‘A MOOSE NAMED MADELINE‘. We followed a moose calf growing up in Canada for two years, lots of walking on this one. The underwater feeding was the killer, it took all of the two years to get footage of wild moose pulling up plants underwater. Dave Reichert came up with the goods, but it took a full re-breather and a relaxed munching moose to get it in the can. I shot topside feeding with two canoes lashed together on a 500mm. For the tracking shots at the head we used the same canoe rig gliding with the wind on a 7mm – the frog diving in the lilies was good luck.

We shot much of Madeline on my 35mm Arri 3 Perf, such a lovely format for widescreen filmmaking, these days its all digital but the 35mm images still knock the socks off HD! [ Obviously unnoticeable in the Lo-res Clips!!!]

A hug for our star.

Moose are shy creatures… really!

Producer Writer Director: Camera Phil Savoie
Underwater Cameraman: David Reichert
AC: Doug Anderson, Tommy Clarke
Field Assisant: Dave White
Editor: Dave Pearce
Narrator: Richard E. Grant
Music: Malcomb Laws & Nainita Desai
Super 16 Kodak 7246 7279 7218 Fuji 8622 8692
Location: Canada


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