Brook Trout

Brook Trout spawning. The water was so tea colored we decided to shoot it with a pole camera on DV Cam. We used a lovely rig Optex made up for us – a tiny 3 chip Toshiba in an underwater housing with an anamorphic front so we could record 16×9.

We had to get the timing just right, the spawning happens for only two weeks. Naturally the best stream was about 27 miles down an old logging road. Because of the colour of the water we needed to light it up, a genny and 4 1200w PARs did the job. After three days the trout were ready to do their thing, so naturally it started to snow and sleet, and the PAR lamps started to blow. We put up umbrellas…which now made the lamps sway in the wind threatening to fall in the stream and kill both Dave who was on the end of the pole and the trout! We staked the lighting down and keep shooting. We finally called it a day, good thing as we got stuck three times on the logging road going out. We then drove 4 hours back to Whites in Ottawa for another PAR and some bulbs and back again. We made our way back down the logging road the next day with 2 shovels and three 5 gallon pails of sand. The road was a sheet of ice. Finally we were shooting, we got the shots, and limped out getting stuck twice. With more snow and ice forecast this was clearly the end of trout shooting. We drank a few beers and slept in the next day.

Brook Trout Spawning clip from: A MOOSE NAMED MADELINE
Producer Director: Phil Savoie
Camera Operator: David Reichert
Field Assisant Dave White
Editor: Dave Pearce
Narrator: Richard E. Grant
PAL DV Cam in a Optex 16×9 U/W housing
Location: Canada


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