Planet Earth: Motion Control Time Lapse

A short sequence of Motion Control Time Lapse I shot for Planet Earth. The tracks were in place for approximately 3 months, we would return periodically with the camera and MoCon sled to shoot as the season and blooms progressed. The trick was to insure the camera was in registration with the prior shot each time – the earth ‘breaths’ due to rain or drought, hot, cold so the track could be raised or down by as much as 20mm. Keeps you on your toes. Again the steppy pulsed playback of this web clip is all due to compression…. said the weeping cinematographer [again]!

Planet Earth: Mountains

Producer Director: Vanessa Berlowitz

Cinematography: Phil Savoie

Executive Producer: Alastair Fothergill

Kodak Super 35mm 3 Perf: 5245


To see a snap with Vanessa, my good self, the Motion Control sled and my trusty Arri 35 3-Perf used to shoot the sequence click on the link below

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