The Place to Be

The theme of ‘The Place to Be’ was kicked off with a prancing white walking stick set to a lovely Bossa Nova beat composed by Ben Salisbury. Many of the most colourful and vibrant creatures in the rainforest visit Heliconia plants and the sequence showcases some outstanding examples. The yellow color morph of the eyelash viper is one of the most fascinating and rare. It took me over 20 years to finally see and film one in the wild. The snake which is usually moddled green, is sometimes found in striking bright yellow. Many biologists believe this unique form has evolved to blend in with Heliconia flowers, bananas and palm fruits, where the snake waits to strike out at prey. Beautiful and deadly – even the tongue is vivid yellow. Absolutely brilliant.

Producer Writer Director Cameraman: Phil Savoie
AC: Ted Giffords, Nick Turner
Field Assistants: Jimmy Trejos Camacho, Canudo “Noodles” Mudoz Briones
Editor: Martin Elsbury
Music: Ben Salisbury
Narrator: Robert Lindsay
Super 16: Kodak 7246 7279
Location: Costa Rica


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