Phils work has been recognized with numerous EMMY and BAFTA nods and noms including Outstanding Individual Achievement in Cinematography from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. His still photography is published internationally as well as recognized by the British Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Press Reviews of authored film projects:



BBC  ‘Natural World’

Producer Writer Director Cinematographer : Phil Savoie
Executive Producers: Neil Nightengale, Mike Gunton
Camera Assistants: Ted Giffords, Nick Turner
Field Assistants: Jimmy Trejos Camacho, Canudo “Noodles” Mudoz Briones, Gerado Vega Chavarria, Michael Dilger
Editor: Martin Elsbury
Music: Ben Salisbury
Narrator: Robert Lindsay


“Breathtaking photography” – Western Daily Press

“Amazing close-ups….beautifully filmed” – The Mail



BBC / Discovery  ‘Natural World’

Producer Writer Director Cinematographer: Phil Savoie
Executive Producers: Mike Gunton, Tim Martin
Underwater Camera: David Reichert
Camera Assistants: Doug Anderson, Tommy Clarke
Field Assisant: Dave White
Editor: Dave Pearce
Narrator: Richard E. Grant
Music: Malcomb Laws & Nainita Desai


” Richard E. Grant narrates this stunning film following the adventures of a Canadian Moose….. Beautifully filmed…. A gem.”
Daily Mail – Pick of the Day ****
“This is a beautifully shot treatise on the fragility and determination of nature”.
The Sunday Times – Pick of the Week ****
“…strait out of a storybook…. Lovely …..restful television.”
The Times – Daily Choice ****
” …spectacular photography.”
Radio Times – Critics Choice
“A Moose Named Madeline’ is my favorite nature film.”
Martin Hammond – Eastman Kodak GB
” Just like Walt Disney….only BETTER!”
Phil’s Mom



BBC / Discovery  ‘Natural World’

Producer Writer Director Cinematographer: Phil Savoie
Executive Producer: Tim Martin
Camera Assistants: Will Bolton, Adam Scott
Editor: Vincent Wright
Narrator: Jeremy Northam
Music: Malcomb Laws & Nainita Desai


“…perfect mix of intolerably sweet bear cubs, achingly beautiful landscapes and extraordinary facts.”
The Sunday Times Knowledge – ****
“An enchanting and picturesque film….”
Radio Times – Critics Choice

“Without trying, it was a little masterpiece.”
Daily Express – ****
“A mesmerizing look at an enchanting family of black bears. It’s a remarkable piece of film….”
The Express
“…it is wondrous.”
The Times – Daily Choice Top Pick
“Bravo, and more of the same please.”
Western Daily Press
The Independent **** – Pick of the Day